My First Intuitive Healing

My very first intuitive healing client was a clinical psychologist who was referred by a friend sometime in 2002.

This client had been suffering with thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, severe depression and insomnia for many years. She had tried everything she could think of to seek healing through both western and alternative medicine, and she had already spent an unthinkable amount of money for her medical expenses without finding any improvement. Exhausted by the debilitating situation, she could barely keep up with her practice at the same time. Her symptoms were taking a toll on her. Insomnia and depression were tormenting her and affected her life at all levels (emotionally, mentally, physically and financially). She was at her wits’ end and feeling hopeless.

She came to me as her last resort. My heart went out to her in compassion when I met her for the first time. Her appearance reflected her inner state. This client would entail a lot of work, and it was a complicated case for me. I was baffled and wasn’t sure how I could help her with my limited healing experience. However, I decided to follow my intuition, because I intuitively knew she could be my very first case study. I agreed to work with her to help alleviate her physical pain, to help her to sleep, to release and help heal her emotional issues, and to provide relaxation through my hands-on healing once a week.

Looking back, our first session was remarkably successful in spite of my trepidation and lack of confidence, and we had great energy compatibility. I was intuitively guided to work with her. I treated her with an integrative method, including Reiki, reflexology, intuitive body work and reading, and past life regression. We continued to work as a team for the next 10 months until she left Seattle.

One day she asked me if I could ever heal her fibromyalgia. My response was of course “no,” but I told her I could help guide her to her path, and then she would be able to heal herself emotionally, physically and spiritually.

The past life regression session brought her amazing information and clarity from the past about this lifetime and her karma. It finally made sense to her why she was having such difficulties and suffering through this particular lifetime.

As she acknowledged and accepted those past life lessons, she started to make rapid personal growth and spiritual evolvement. She learned about her past life lessons and karma, which transcend beyond the boundaries of time and space.

Also, I taught her how to do reflexology on herself. She was determined to learn the method. As she diligently treated her feet everyday thereafter, her thyroid hormones returned to normal levels (although I am unsure whether this was a factor the ultimate result). The first time she saw something positive through our healing work, she was overjoyed by this result. She started to feel less physical pain, she slept more, and she experienced much less depression.

Finally, she was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel! After this breakthrough, she became more confident about her improved health. She wanted to leave Washington for a better environment to heal her fibromyalgia symptoms. Also, she wanted to quit her job and sell her house. One day during a session, something shifted. She was ready to take a leap of faith.

Intuitively, I knew our session work was coming to an end soon. We brainstormed! My role was to guide and assist her to create and transform her life to a new beginning through my energy healing, intuitive body work, intuitive reading, and past life regression therapy. It was a work in progress for another 3 months, and then she was gone by the end of that spring. What an incredible accomplishment!

She created exactly what she wanted. She made an affirmation and manifested her new life so beautifully! I was fortunate to have this remarkable transformational energy healing experience at the very beginning of my practice. This was the foundation of my practice, and I carry it to this day. This was a successful and remarkable true story!

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