For the past decade I’ve been guided to develop my own method of healing. It is a combination of Reiki, intuitive body work and psychic energy reading.

As an Energy healer I always start my session with a brief prayer and channel healing light. Before I start energy work by placing my hands on the client’s body, I intuitively identify the blockages and areas that need attention to release and provide healing to help clients shift to their optimal state.

During the session I read the energy of both the physical and energetic bodies, and use my innate ability to interpret the energy levels of a client’s condition. With that information I am able to work with my clients to release suffering and pain on all levels, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

Often, I am able to sense the events or circumstances that either have happened, or still are happening in a client’s life. That information comes in the form of an image or a sensation with or without laying my hands on client’s body.

First and most importantly I facilitate and create a partnership with my clients by keeping an open dialogue. I encourage my clients to share with me what they are feeling and experiencing on an emotional and physical level.

This is one of my main focuses of healing work…..”During my sessions, I encourage and guide clients to discover the underlying causes of blockage to help them to surface in order to be released. Stagnant energy —which can be anxiety/stress, depression, disease, emotional/physical imbalance and pain, fatigue, old injuries,unhealed trauma, spiritual imbalance, relationship problems or other issues that may have been subconsciously suppressed during this life or a past lifetimes—-may have a negative impact on current conditions. Understanding this takes the healing deeper and can transform old energy into vitality.

The process is interactive and may not always be as comfortable as one may expect, because I may sometimes help clients find out a painful truth if they are open to it. I will share all information or messages I receive during the session, when it is appropriate and helpful.

Energy healing is subtle, yet powerful! It can transcend beyond the boundaries of time and space! The goal of my practice is for my clients to develop a sense of peace, live each day with clarity/purpose and spiritual evolution as well as to function at the highest level physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.



I’m an intuitive reader and also known as empath.

Often, I am able to sense the events or circumstances that either have happened or still happening in a client’s life. The information comes in the form of an image or a sensation with or without laying my hands on client’s body.

I read a person’s individual energy, the energy of both the physical and energetic bodies. And use my ability to interpret the energy levels of a client’s condition.

With that information, intuitively I work to release blocked energy, past trauma, tapping into past lives, help provide clarity on karmic lessons, relationship issues, work through a current suffering or enhance to activate clients highest potential and life purpose.

In the most cases, during the reading sessions, there is a lot of processing, releasing and transmuting of energies in the emotional, mental and physical bodies.

It can show options and offer confirmation of things clients may know already or remove doubt from a questionable situation. Also it can help to guide them towards their own inner peace, balance, clarity, happiness and spiritual healing for those who are seeking guidance for what is best for them.

My reading involves, compassion, empathy, integrity and honesty.



Distance healing, also known as remote healing.

Distance healing, is simply directing healing energy to the client, who’s not in the same location as I am, if client is unable to be present due or illness. Distance healing allows me to work with client that may live thousands of miles away, or just down the street. With this type of healing work, client doesn’t have to be physically present to receive the healing, and can benefit from the healing process helps release their physical and emotional pain across time and space. I channel healing energies to client over the phone or by the photos. It’s a practical, reliable and convenient way to receive a healing.



When a transitioning out of this world and into the next, some end of life clients need a feeling of completion, comfort, guidance and healing. During this extremely sensitive and vulnerable period the body can fail, but the mind is still very alive and functioning.

I specialize in helping and guiding with comfort and care clients with or without their family in the final hours or days or weeks of their lives. Hope to make unfamiliar areas of death slightly more comfortable for everyone involved in with compassion and loving way.

Understanding the clients still wish to communicate with family and a loved ones during this transition. I am able to help communicate clients to their feelings and thoughts, finding their voices while they are not able to express themselves before their passing.

Most of my end of life clients, find this treatment, energy healing alleviates their physical pain and bring them calmness and relaxation. Also, the energy healing is very effective for releasing anxiety and emotional pain as well. Even some clients become temporally more alert, and physically more functional.

During the end of life process, I treat clients and sometimes their family simultaneously.

According to my own experiences, it’s important and immensely effective for a client and family receive healing at the same time. Healing combined with spiritual counseling can bring a peaceful ending and sometimes they review their lives, past issues, resolving unfinished family business, emotional issues, forgiveness, sadness, fear of dying and more.

Throughout the energy healing and communication sometime even nonspiritual end of life clients go through their spiritual transformation and they become more at peace. Clients and families may find that their relationship becomes stronger and closer as a result of the session.

My ultimate goal is as a facilitater to guide clients toward a peaceful and pain free ending and honoring clients and their lives.



My dog healing services began in 2003. One of my clients, who owned a dog day care center, asked me to work on her two elderly, sick Rottweilers. I’d never worked on somebody else’s dogs before and wasn’t sure what would happen. It turned out that each of them was suffering from a terminal illness, so my work was to give end of life care.

The first dog, Scotty, was 14 years old and was an alpha/leader dog in his owner’s dog day care. He had pancreatic cancer, arthritis and more physical issues. The second dog, Jack, was 9 years old and had lymphoma, was depressed and had arthritis as well.

My purpose was to relieve their joint pain, reduce inflammation, alleviate other types of physical pain, comfort and soothe their emotional issues and provide relaxation. I worked on them, using my energy healing, once or twice a week. They both were extremely receptive to energy work and welcomed it.

Whenever I started Reiki on Scotty and Jack, within 15 minutes the other 20-30 dogs in the dog day care became quiet, and they all fell asleep comfortably. For two years Scotty, Jack and I worked as a healing team until had both had passed on. They were each receiving my energy work in their final moments and passed away peacefully.

Through this first experience I learned that I was able to give healing and comfort to dogs as well as to people.

I specialize in helping people with their dogs at end of life care or very serious conditions.

My energy healing can offer comfort and alleviate a dog’s pain and suffering.

When the dog’s owners are not able to help, desperately watching their dogs suffering in this critical time, I can give all of them relaxation, comfort and peace through a hands on energy healing.

Based on my experience working on cat and dogs, I learned the their part of life work is to teach us about humanity and unconditional love…they all are amazing teachers.

I am passionate about my work. My ultimate goal is to guide the dogs toward a peaceful and pain free ending, honoring them and their dedication to us.