DOG HEALING (and cats too!)

I am passionate about guiding dogs toward a peaceful and pain free ending, honoring them and their dedication to us. I specialize in helping dogs and their owners through end-of-life care or with serious health conditions, using energy healing to comfort and to alleviate the dog’s pain and suffering.

When a dog’s owner helplessly and in desperation watches the dog suffer, I can help all of them relax in comfort with a sense of peace through hands on energy healing.

My dog healing service began in 2003, when I discovered that I was able to give the healing and comfort to dogs that I was already giving to people. One of my clients, who owned a dog day care center, asked me to work on her two elderly, sick Rottweilers. I’d never worked on dogs before, other than my own, and wasn’t sure what would happen. It turned out that both were suffering from terminal illness, so my task turned out to involve end-of-life care.

The first dog, Scotty, was 14 years old and was an alpha/leader in his owner’s dog day care. He had pancreatic cancer, arthritis and other physical issues. The second dog, Jack, was 9 years old and had lymphoma, was depressed and had arthritis as well. I set out to relieve their joint pain, reduce inflammation, alleviate other types of physical pain, comfort and soothe their emotional issues, and provide relaxation. I worked on them using energy healing once or twice a week. They both were extremely receptive to energy work and eagerly welcomed it. In addition, within 15 minutes of starting Reiki on Scotty and Jack, the other 20-30 dogs in the dog day care became quiet and all fell asleep comfortably. For two years Scotty, Jack and I worked as a healing team until both passed on. They both received my energy work in their final moments and passed away peacefully.

Based on my experience working on cat and dogs, I have learned that their life work is to teach us about humanity and unconditional love…they all are amazing teachers!


This is a message specifically about Atsuko’s ability to communicate with our late kitty.  Kitty has been gone a couple of years after transitioning when she was about 16 years old.

Kitty had some physical difficulties the last few years of her life.  She was stiff and slow and no longer could maneuver stairs.  She wasn’t a social cat, and usually retreated when strangers came to our house.  After Atsuko became a regular visitor, we began to realize that Kitty would come out to say hello.  She invited Atsuko to pet her, which was most unusual.  Later, when she went back to her bed, Atsuko would give her energy treatments and read where Kitty’s pain was.  Kitty accepted the treatments comfortably, and afterward seemed to be in much less pain for a day or two.  She was unusually connected to Atsuko, and her life was definitely enhanced by Atsuko’s treatments.

—Judy Chermak, Administrator, Chermak Construction, Inc., 425-776-1367

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