When a transitioning out of this world and into the next, sometimes a person can use assistance reaching a feeling of completion, comfort, guidance and healing. During this extremely sensitive and vulnerable period the body can fail, but the mind is still very alive and functioning.

I specialize in helping and guiding people in the final hours or days or weeks of their lives with comfort and care, while also assisting family and loved ones when appropriate. I hope to make unfamiliar areas of death slightly more comfortable for everyone involved with compassion and in a loving way.

Understanding that clients still wish to communicate with family and a loved ones during this transition, I am able to help clients communicate their feelings and thoughts, finding their voices while they are not able to express themselves before their passing.

Most of my end of life clients find that my energy healing sessions alleviate their physical pain and bring them calmness and relaxation. Energy healing is very effective for releasing anxiety and emotional pain, as well. Some clients even become temporarily more alert and physically more functional.

During the end of life process, I sometimes treat clients and their family simultaneously. My own experience has taught me that it’s important and immensely effective for a client and family to receive healing at the same time. Healing combined with spiritual counseling can bring a peaceful ending as they review their lives and resolve past issues, unfinished family business, emotional issues, forgiveness, sadness, fear of dying and more.

Throughout the energy healing and communication sometimes end-of-life clients who do not consider themselves “spiritual” go through spiritual transformation and become more at peace. Clients and families may find that their relationship becomes stronger and closer as a result of the session.

As a facilitater, my ultimate goal is to guide clients toward a peaceful and pain free ending, honoring them and their lives.


My treatments with Atsuko have been intense. She is helping me find myself and get to know who I really am and what I want in my life. I feel so much support from her and the energy that flows through her is incredible. I feel it as soon as she puts her hands on me. She is a pure channel and I have been able to receive a lot of guidance during each session.

We chose to have Atsuko support our family during my mother’s final week’s of life.
Reiki seemed to alleviate her pain and more importantly her anxiety. Atsuko’s work helped to bring a final peace and harmony to my mother that helped her finally feel able to let go. At the same time she was able to treat family members as we struggled with this difficult time of letting our loved one go. Having Atsuko’s support was a huge blessing for my family.

Atsuko has helped me through a very difficult time. She has supported me so I was able to look into my past & see how it was effecting my current life/situation
She helped me see clearly & be strong to make changes. To look at myself & those around me. She empowered me to move forward & she continues to do that. Atsuko has worked with me to get where I need to be. I am still working at it, but have come far. Atsuko has & is a valuable guide to get my life on track & live my life purpose. I am thankful & grateful for her guidance.

—Tracy, Seattle WA

I am honored to refer Atsuko Arai.  She has served as a medium, a body worker, a therapist, and a business consultant for me and for others in my family.

My first contact with her was over 3 years ago.  She was referred to me to help my dying mother transition from this life. She was unable to release after a few weeks of being semi-conscious.  All the good-bys had been said, yet she hung onto life tenaciously.  At the first meeting, my mother found her voice through Atsuko. Over the next week, Atsuko channeled for my mother (who was awake, but unable to speak), sharing facets of her life with us that had never been known before.  She spoke truthfully to each of her family members with no filter to hold her back.  As the days wore on, my mother became calm and peaceful.  Because of Atsuko’s willingness to be the conduit, my mother was able to leave with a peaceful heart, and lifelong difficult family issues dissolved forever.  Suddenly love replaced any angst that had been present before.  My mother passed quietly and peacefully.  I am forever grateful to Atsuko for giving my mother the gift to speak her heart to each one of us, and for giving her family a peace of mind that would not have been present without Atsuko’s assistance.

Atsuko is a person of integrity and honesty with an impeccably loving heart.  I would recommend her services to anyone.

—Judy Cermak, Seattle WA

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