I’m an intuitive reader, also known as empath. I read a person’s individual energy in both the physical and energetic bodies and interpret the energy levels of a client’s condition. With this information, I work intuitively to release blocked energy, past trauma, tap into past lives, provide clarity on karmic lessons, relationship issues, work through a current suffering or help activate the person’s highest potential and life purpose.

Often, I am able to sense the events or circumstances that either have happened in the past or are still happening in a person’s life. The information comes to me in the form of an image or a sensation with or without laying hands on the body. In most cases, the person I’m working on processes and releases energies in the emotional, mental and physical bodies in order to permanently transmute them.

A session with me can reveal options and reveal your clarity on things you already know on some level or remove your doubt from a questionable situation. It can help guide you towards inner peace, balance, clarity, happiness and spiritual healing.  

My sessions are conducted with empathy and compassionate honesty in order to guide you towards what is best for you and your soul’s integrity.


My reading with Atsuko was nothing short of magical. After a brief meditation session, Atsuko was able to channel my energy and connect with my spirit on a deeply personal level. She conveyed ultra specific  details about my past, understood how it was affecting me, and provided sound spiritual/psychological advice to realign me with my core desires. I cannot emphasize enough the accuracy of her reading – I’m still baffled with how she knew such specific details about my life. Atsuko is a magical soul and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services. I will certainly be seeing her again in the future.

—Dean, NYC

I am honored to refer Atsuko Arai.  She has served as a medium, a body worker, a therapist, and a business consultant for me and for others in my family.

My first contact with her was over 3 years ago.  She was referred to me to help my dying mother transition from this life. She was unable to release after a few weeks of being semi-conscious.  All the good-bys had been said, yet she hung onto life tenaciously.  At the first meeting, my mother found her voice through Atsuko. Over the next week, Atsuko channeled for my mother (who was awake, but unable to speak), sharing facets of her life with us that had never been known before.  She spoke truthfully to each of her family members with no filter to hold her back.  As the days wore on, my mother became calm and peaceful.  Because of Atsuko’s willingness to be the conduit, my mother was able to leave with a peaceful heart, and lifelong difficult family issues dissolved forever.  Suddenly love replaced any angst that had been present before.  My mother passed quietly and peacefully.  I am forever grateful to Atsuko for giving my mother the gift to speak her heart to each one of us, and for giving her family a peace of mind that would not have been present without Atsuko’s assistance.

Atsuko is a person of integrity and honesty with an impeccably loving heart.  I would recommend her services to anyone

—Judy Cermak, Seattle WA

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