Gary Nixon, Soma structural Integrator, Facial Stretch Therapist, LMP

A good friend referred me to Atsuko three years ago. Even after several sessions with her, he seemed unable to explain what she did exactly. He just knew that he felt 100% better and seemed to have connected with Atsuko deeply.

My first session with Atsuko was similar. Upon arrival we talked openly; I explained how I had been feeling and what was happening in my body. We spoke more about work, my close relationships with my wife, father and brother and then started our session. After 15 or 20 minutes into the session Atsuko asked if I was ready to hear the reason I was really here. This was somewhat of a surprise, as you can imagine; my answer was yes. This is when I truly learned how loved ones can physically affect our bodies. Perhaps I had heard this before, but it never sank like this.

After the session, of course, I felt better, like a weight had been lifted from my body.  My rib cage felt free and my head was light, almost floating on top of my shoulders. More importantly, as time went on, more of her words and wisdom sank in as I began to better understand the meaning of our session and her work. Atsuko‘s work changed my life after just one session. I am a better man from it, a deeper intentioned practitioner, a more present father, a more honest son, a more supportive brother and more loving husband.  I have returned to see Atsuko many times and each time our sessions progress in a personal and profound way.