Tracy, Seattle WA

My treatments with Atsuko have been intense. She is helping me find myself and get to know who I really am and what I want in my life. I feel so much support from her and the energy that flows through her is incredible. I feel it as soon as she puts her hands on me. She is a pure channel and I have been able to receive a lot of guidance during each session.

We chose to have Atsuko support our family during my mother’s final week’s of life. Reiki seemed to alleviate her pain and more importantly her anxiety. Atsuko’s work helped to bring a final peace and harmony to my mother that helped her finally feel able to let go. At the same time she was able to treat family members as we struggled with this difficult time of letting our loved one go. Having Atsuko’s support was a huge blessing for my family.

Atsuko has helped me through a very difficult time. She has supported me so I was able to look into my past & see how it was effecting my current life/situation. She helped me see clearly & be strong to make changes. To look at myself & those around me. She empowered me to move forward & she continues to do that. Atsuko has worked with me to get where I need to be. I am still working at it, but have come far. She has & is a valuable guide to get my life on track & live my life purpose. I am thankful & grateful for her guidance.