Atsuko has been such a blessing in my life! The first time I met her, she immediately honed in on some of my biggest issues, and she intuitively knew things about me I couldn’t believe. I promptly booked a session with her, and I am so glad I did. Atsuko is an incredibly gifted intuitive body worker. Her ability to identify areas in need of healing (physically, emotionally and spiritually) is uncanny, and her energy work is amazing. I have now seen her a couple of times, and I have experienced some big shifts in several very old patterns. I think it is fair to say I feel like a bit of clean slate after working with her. Her work is such a beautiful and incredibly powerful combination of simultaneous body work and intuitive reading – I’ve never experienced anything like it. Atsuko is just so generous, kind and wise, and I am so glad to have her in my life – I know she is playing a huge part in my spiritual healing and growth!

—Sunny Joy McMillan, Lawyer-turned-Life Coach with Golden Oversoul

My treatments with Atsuko have been intense. She is helping me find myself and get to know who I really am and what I want in my life. I feel so much support from her and the energy that flows through her is incredible. I feel it as soon as she puts her hands on me. She is a pure channel and I have been able to receive a lot of guidance during each session.

We chose to have Atsuko support our family during my mother’s final week’s of life. Reiki seemed to alleviate her pain and more importantly her anxiety. Atsuko’s work helped to bring a final peace and harmony to my mother that helped her finally feel able to let go. At the same time she was able to treat family members as we struggled with this difficult time of letting our loved one go. Having Atsuko’s support was a huge blessing for my family.

Atsuko has helped me through a very difficult time. She has supported me so I was able to look into my past & see how it was effecting my current life/situation. She helped me see clearly & be strong to make changes. To look at myself & those around me. She empowered me to move forward & she continues to do that. Atsuko has worked with me to get where I need to be. I am still working at it, but have come far. She has & is a valuable guide to get my life on track & live my life purpose. I am thankful & grateful for her guidance.

—Tracy, Seattle WA

A good friend referred me to Atsuko three years ago. Even after several sessions with her, he seemed unable to explain what she did exactly. He just knew that he felt 100% better and seemed to have connected with Atsuko deeply.

My first session with Atsuko was similar. Upon arrival we talked openly; I explained how I had been feeling and what was happening in my body. We spoke more about work, my close relationships with my wife, father and brother and then started our session. After 15 or 20 minutes into the session Atsuko asked if I was ready to hear the reason I was really here. This was somewhat of a surprise, as you can imagine; my answer was yes. This is when I truly learned how loved ones can physically affect our bodies. Perhaps I had heard this before, but it never sank like this.

After the session, of course, I felt better, like a weight had been lifted from my body.  My rib cage felt free and my head was light, almost floating on top of my shoulders. More importantly, as time went on, more of her words and wisdom sank in as I began to better understand the meaning of our session and her work. Atsuko‘s work changed my life after just one session. I am a better man from it, a deeper intentioned practitioner, a more present father, a more honest son, a more supportive brother and more loving husband.  I have returned to see Atsuko many times and each time our sessions progress in a personal and profound way.

—Gary Nixon, Soma structural Integrator, Facial Stretch Therapist, LMP

This is a message specifically about Atsuko’s ability to communicate with our late kitty.  Kitty has been gone a couple of years after transitioning when she was about 16 years old.

Kitty had some physical difficulties the last few years of her life.  She was stiff and slow and no longer could maneuver stairs.  She wasn’t a social cat, and usually retreated when strangers came to our house.  After Atsuko became a regular visitor, we began to realize that Kitty would come out to say hello.  She invited Atsuko to pet her, which was most unusual.  Later, when she went back to her bed, Atsuko would give her energy treatments and read where Kitty’s pain was.  Kitty accepted the treatments comfortably, and afterward seemed to be in much less pain for a day or two.  She was unusually connected to Atsuko, and her life was definitely enhanced by Atsuko’s treatments.

—Judy Chermak, Administrator, Chermak Construction, Inc., 425-776-1367

My experience with Atsuko as a body worker and spiritual healer had a profound impact on my life. Because of her work, I am reconnected to my body and I was able to detox and cleanse childhood sexual abuse issues. This experience has enabled me for the first time to connect in a male-female relationship in a healthy way. I had a severely frozen shoulder when I first began my work with Atsuko. Often surgery is required to correct [it]. I have made a full recovery due to the energy healing. I can not give enough praise to the incredible abilities of Atsuko. I will be always be grateful.

—Marsha C, Seattle

Atsuko’s healing work is gentle, intuitive and effective. She has worked on me for more than ten years and during that time has relieved the pain of injuries and surgeries, and increased my ability to function daily with more vitality. Her intuition helps reveal and heal hidden stresses within the body, and often their original causes as well. That has resulted in lasting benefits for me.

—Cheryl C, PHD.

My reading with Atsuko was nothing short of magical. After a brief meditation session, Atsuko was able to channel my energy and connect with my spirit on a deeply personal level. She conveyed ultra specific details about my past, understood how it was affecting me, and provided sound spiritual/psychological advice to realign me with my core desires. I cannot emphasize enough the accuracy of her reading – I’m still baffled with how she knew such specific details about my life. Atsuko is a magical soul and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services. I will certainly be seeing her again in the future.

—Dean, NYC

I am honored to refer Atsuko Arai.  She has served as a medium, a body worker, a therapist, and a business consultant for me and for others in my family.

My first contact with her was over 3 years ago.  She was referred to me to help my dying mother transition from this life. She was unable to release after a few weeks of being semi-conscious.  All the good-byes had been said, yet she hung onto life tenaciously.  At the first meeting, my mother found her voice through Atsuko. Over the next week, Atsuko channeled for my mother (who was awake, but unable to speak), sharing facets of her life with us that had never been known before.  She spoke truthfully to each of her family members with no filter to hold her back.  As the days wore on, my mother became calm and peaceful.  Because of Atsuko’s willingness to be the conduit, my mother was able to leave with a peaceful heart, and lifelong difficult family issues dissolved forever.  Suddenly love replaced any angst that had been present before.  My mother passed quietly and peacefully.  I am forever grateful to Atsuko for giving my mother the gift to speak her heart to each one of us, and for giving her family a peace of mind that would not have been present without Atsuko’s assistance.

Atsuko is a person of integrity and honesty with an impeccably loving heart.  I would recommend her services to anyone.

—Judy Cermak, Seattle WA

Atsuko has helped me in many ways. On a friend’s recommendation, I began seeing her. I wanted to increase my strength and overall well being in order to start running again. That was more than three years ago. Since then she has provided great relief when I had a very painful back injury. She also was an important partner in helping me through my second diagnosis of breast cancer. I believe Atsuko helped my body-mind-spirit heal through the surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. I continue to see Atsuko because her treatments are an important part of my personal health care. I do not know how she does it. I just know that I benefit from her talent and treatments! She brings strength, compassion, wisdom and knowledge to the care she provides her clients.

—Bonny M., Business Consultant

I had been told by my medical provider that an operation would not help my knee injury and to pursue physical therapy. I began a regime of traditional physical therapy but became very discouraged with my lack of progress. It had been over six months when I It was recommended to Atsuko Arai.

My visit with Atsuko was a very memorable experience. I hobbled into her studio with a cane. My knee was red and inflamed, irritated from adhesive tape and bandages. I can remember Atsuko shaking her head as she looked at the condition of my knee. She worked with me for over an hour and I experienced the first relief from pain in months. Moreover, after this first session, remarkably, I was able to put weight on the knee and walk out of her office without the cane. I visited her for additional appointments and my knee became stronger.

I do not normally write testimonials but I am convinced of two things: Astuko IS a gifted healer, and she WAS able to help me when other more conventional therapies failed.

—Joyce, Seattle WA

Atsuko’s words are simple and reach me gently but directly. While listening to her, tangled threads loosen in mysterious ways. During the session I felt that I finally discovered my true self.

—Anonymous, Seattle WA